I Was Not Prepared for the Wholeness: Blog-a-thon Day 11

I just needed to pick up a few things from the store. I even made a list, which definitely means that I mean business. But then I walked through the doors. Nothing looked… Continue reading

One Up-ing the World: Blog-a-thon Day 10

Yesterday I had something happen. Some would say I made a mistake. Others would say it was simply a social faux pas. Those people are just pretentious and should use words like “screwed… Continue reading

If I Die Young: Blog-a-thon Day 9

Worry not, this is not another music post. I’m sure the people reading this (who are possibly only the 8 friends I message daily to ask if they’ve read) are so done with… Continue reading

Resolution Music Part 3: Blog-a-thon Day 8

Here we are. We’ve come to the last of the resolution music posts. I have no idea if anyone likes these, but I’m going to finish them because I’m proving to myself that… Continue reading

Resolution Music Part 2: Blog-a-thon Day 7

Today I continue my fun filled series of New Year’s Resolution playlists. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post (you can here), it was 8 tracks to inspire and fuel the resolution of being… Continue reading

Resolution Music Part 1: Blog-a-thon Day 6

So I am a complete and total auditory stimuli person. Everything needs background noise all of the time. So naturally, because I love playlists and I love finding appropriate, or completely inappropriate, song… Continue reading

Gotta Catch Em’ All: Blog-a-thon Day 5

It is 6:47 in the morning and I arrive at MCO (that’s Orlando International Airport for those of you who aren’t familiar with airport codes). So begins my trek back after being home… Continue reading

Bullock and Clooney Have Nothing on Me: Blog-a-thon Day 4

It seems that the Internet has become a breeding ground for rumors and hoaxes. I guess that really shouldn’t be all that surprising. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that early newspapers were… Continue reading

Long Live Helbig: Blog-a-thon Day 3

If you know me in real life you know that I am obsessed with Grace Helbig. Here’s the thing… if this were 2 weeks ago I would have phrased that “I am obsessed… Continue reading

Amusement Park Bingo: Blog-a-thon Day 2

So there I was, merrily walking through the turnstile of Universal Studios Florida when I was assaulted by so many different stimuli. That’s actually a total understatement. Walking into an amusement park is… Continue reading