Cold Makes My Brain Hurt: Blog-a-thon Day 21

I’m still sick. The green juice didn’t work and I would like my money back… or something like that. But because of that I am I just going to type and see what… Continue reading

Weekend Update… on Monday: Blog-a-thon Day 20

I’m still sick and that is suck-tastic. Also I’m trying out the concept of vlogging… so that’s a thing that is taking far too long to edit. So I am sitting in bed,… Continue reading

I’m Just Going to Let This Go: Blog-a-thon Day 19

Frozen is the newest of the Disney obsessions. If you don’t know that… well, you know the drill. If you don’t know how that sentence should have ended, go and read all of… Continue reading

That Was a Bad Idea: Blog-a-thon Day 18

Below is a screen cap. You may recognize it. You may not. It’s rather inconsequential what your relationship to this video is… I’m going to summarize it for you. In this lovely piece… Continue reading

O Say Can You CVS: Blog-a-thon Day 17

I have an upper respiratory infection. That’s lame. I was hoping for something with a much longer name and much cool symptoms. I was hoping for boils, bruises, and potentially scaly skin. But… Continue reading

The Minute (Plus or Minus) Clinic: Blog-a-thon Day 16

So here I sit at the Minute Clinic. I finally have succumb to my sickness. Now if you dont have Minute Clinics where you are from (which means you live somewhere in a… Continue reading

Stick To Your Genre: Blog-a-thon Day 15

You probably have seen the video of Robert Downey Jr. that has been going viral all over the Interweb. If you haven’t seen it, RDJ performed an amazing cover of The Police’s “Driven… Continue reading

Legs for Days: Blog-a-thon Day 14

My title is probably grossly inappropriate and you’ll see why in a moment. So I have been fighting a cold. That means I have 0 motivation to do anything at all. So I… Continue reading

Dressed for a Little Bit of Success: Blog-a-thon Day 13

Last night was the Golden Globes (were the Golden Globes… what is the correct was/were iteration there?). If you read my blog post yesterday (seen here) I made some predictions. I think I… Continue reading

The Most Golden of the Globes: Blog-a-thon Day 12

Tonight is the Golden Globes. That’s kind of exciting. Last year I was super good about watching movies. I watched all of the films nominated for Best Picture so consequently I felt like… Continue reading