Time To Say Goodbye: Blog-a-thon Day 31

And y’all… we made it! 31 days later and I have officially blogged every day of January. And I would like to end the month on a wonderful cop out… a vlog! Below… Continue reading

Wikipedia Knows All: Blog-a-thon Day 30

Throughout high school and college many people have asked me how on Earth I know some of the random tidbits that I do. Apparently I have a bit of a knack of random… Continue reading

No Pop Star is Safe: Blog-a-thon Day 29

Woopsies. I got really busy today. I have spent the morning organizing my music for auditions. Somehow I can justify organizing my music and resume and headshots as a quasi substitute for actually… Continue reading

STOP… VLOGGING TIME: Blog-a-thon Day 28

I vlogged again. And I posted it. And it is here on the Internet. Make sure to comment and subscribe to my vlog channel. And comment, share, and subscribe here for more musings.… Continue reading

The Music of the Night: Blog-a-thon Day 27

Last night was the Grammys. That’s cool. If you haven’t read my post about my predictions… do that here! I must say, I am pretty proud of the fact that I got more… Continue reading

Music’s Biggest Night… Sort Of: Blog-a-thon Day 26

The Grammy Awards are tonight. That means you have another 8 hours to go and listen to all of the music that you haven’t this year because you’ve only had the same 4… Continue reading

Bring Back Hathaway: Blog-a-thon Day 25

2012 was the year of Anne Hathaway. Between her performance in both Les Miserables and Batman, and her rather outspoken activism for various charities, it seemed like you couldn’t escape her face in… Continue reading

There are Other Things Happening: Blog-a-thon Day 24

This is more of a follow-up post to yesterday’s Justin Bieber problem. Here is the thing (and I guess I will just dive right in)… I spent a little bit of time researching… Continue reading

I Saw Her Face, Now I’m A Belieber: Blog-a-thon Day 23

Justin Bieber got arrested. I figure I kind of have to write about this, seeing as though it is one of the top pop culture stories today. If you haven’t heard this yet,… Continue reading

Don’t Look at the Viewfinder: Blog-a-thon Day 22

It’s vlog time!!!! Make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings. …gm