Monthly Music: June Jams

So I have been running around this lovely nation of ours like crazy recently between auditions and family stuff and weddings and vacation… It’s been a lot. And hopefully this shallow excuse can… Continue reading

But is “Glassholes” a Word?

Hey folks. I know. It’s been a hot minute since I posted something on here. I’m sorry. I’m a bad person… but somehow I think we will all be able to get past… Continue reading

I Know How I Met Your Mother

(SNEAK ATTACK: I’m a terrible blogger and I actually wrote this post like a week and a half ago and just forgot to publish it. Please don’t hate me!) I posted a new… Continue reading

Easy, Breezy, (maybe not) Beautiful

I’m probably more of a magazine reader than many of my friends. Because of my audition schedule to and from New York or Florida or wherever I read lots of magazine. Somehow the… Continue reading


It has been a long time since I posted a blog. I know… I’m terrible… I’m sorry. I decided that I needed to post something and that rather than being boring an posting… Continue reading

But Have you Subscribed Yet…?

Hey there folks. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog on here. As I have said in my last posts, the whole “Everyday of January” thing made me really exhausted of… Continue reading

Dear JK Rowling…

If you are a reader of Huffington Post (or as I like to call it, The Huff Po) you possibly read an Op-Ed article addressed to JK Rowling. If you want to read… Continue reading

I Call Upon the Youth of the World

Tonight is the closing ceremonies of the Olympics… or it already happened long in the past if you are ready this in the future. That being said… HI FUTURE BLOG READERS. Now, since… Continue reading

Hooray for Tangent Tuesday

My newest vlog was delayed. But let the record show I started posting Tangent Tuesday on a Tuesday… Wi-Fi just wasn’t ok with that choice. I decided to do a series called Tangent… Continue reading

Why I Visit the Abbey: An iPad Musing

I recently watched the most current episode of Downton Abbey. I loved it. Now this isn’t simply a post about me being a fan. I was sitting on the Bolt Bus today thinking… Continue reading