Barnes & Noble Bingo

As a college student I am quite familiar with the blog People of Walmart. Outlining the tragic people who tend to frequent Walmart stores, this site is truly a testament to all things… Continue reading

More than Painting 101

As some people may have heard both the Lincoln Memorial and the National Cathedral were vandalized this past week. As a current DC resident this was quite the news issue, as it should… Continue reading

How to Screw Up Your Relationship

As a now 22 year-old college graduate, my Facebook is constantly exploding with a never ending list of relationship status updates. This (in my personal opinion) unnecessary advertisement of one’s relationship health is… Continue reading

I Don’t Know If You Heard… She Had the Baby!

If anyone was wondering, Princess Kate had a baby. Yep. That’s really all that should be said, however if you haven’t been living under a rock you have seen all of the massive… Continue reading

Summer Music and Fake Food?

So I guess this post kind of touches on two seemingly unrelated but equally interesting topics, so here we go. Bastille’s song “Pompeii” has more or less been my jam for the summer.… Continue reading

World War III: The Fight for the Armrest

Recently I flew from Denver to Washington, DC to return home from working out west for a week. While I opted to not take a red eye (though my flight left at 9… Continue reading

An Open Letter to a Stranger

About a year ago I finally got a MacBook. Yes, I know, I was several years late to the party but the important part is that I made it… or at least that’s… Continue reading

Writing is easy…

Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead. -GENE FOWLER