Where’s the White House?: A NYC Musing

So I am back from NYC and this is the last of my NYC musings. The last few days of my time in NYC I had no agenda. This was both a blessing… Continue reading

Subway Bingo: A NYC Musing

(I have been in NYC for several days now and have several observations that I feel the need to share with the world. As a sidebar, I have possibly decided to write a… Continue reading

Ma’am, Put Down the Phone: A NYC Musing

So I’m in New York for 10 days and am having an absolutely awesome time. However while here I have had to deal with a few culture shocks from Washington DC. One of… Continue reading

Extreme is an Understatement: A NYC Musing

So I am typing this in Washington Heights. That’s pretty awesome. Yes, for the next 11 days I am living in NYC and auditioning and all of those fun things. Now the easiest… Continue reading

I “Literally” Can’t Handle It

This past week a terrifying article popped up in the Washington Post. The word “literally” has officially been changed in the dictionary. Now for those of you who don’t communicate on a frequent… Continue reading

Is She Just Being Miley?

I put off writing a Miley Cyrus VMA post because I didn’t want to be that guy. I felt like pretty much everything that could have been said, was said. But it’s been… Continue reading

You Better Redneckognize: iPad Musings

The past few days I have been home alone, house sitting, while my folks are off traveling the world. I have always and will always be the kind of person who enjoys background… Continue reading

1950’s Timberlake

Have you ever had one of those “Six Degrees of Separation” moments while listening to music. An instance where you go in looking for a specific song and somehow click your way through… Continue reading

But Do You Really Need to Know?

I have been an avid “So You Think You Can Dance” fan since the show started years and years ago. And while I am not one of those fans who has watched every… Continue reading

But Are You Really Batman?

It was released a month or so ago that one of the biggest crossovers of all time will take place soon. This is bigger than the Coachella projection of Tupac. This is bigger… Continue reading