Leave Renee’s Face Alone!

This week pictures of Renee Zellweger came out. You’ve probably seen them. Social media makes breaking news, just like a bull that showed up after the china shop had already locked the doors for the night, less breaking. If you haven’t seen them, there is one accompanying this post (you’re welcome, World). To summarize, she looks different. I will not associate a judgement call with that statement by saying “she looks so much better” or “she looks awful”.

renee-zellweger-435Now I’m going to add my opinion. After all, if I didn’t give my opinions I would be like one of those Speak and Spell toys. You know the ones that are mentioned in Toy Story movies, as if anyone actually had one of those. I can honestly say I don’t know anyone that had one of those. But somehow they are cultural icons. They are like the Ariana Grande’s of the Toy Story world. That was a total tangent and I hope it enlightened your day in some capacity. If it did… good for you. Go out and buy yourself a $5 t-shirt from Forever 21 as a celebratory gift.

Now back to Renee (because following the rule of Twitter, if I follow them on social media in any capacity, I can refer to them as if we went to high school together). Renee got some work done to her face. I am sooooo ignorant when it comes to the whole plastic surgery thing so I can’t describe what she had done. In my mind all plastic surgery is like the second season of American Horror Story (if you get that reference I’m sorry… if you don’t, DON’T LOOK IT UP). But despite my lack of knowledge on this topic, my eyes do work and I can see differences in her face. That being said… I think she looks great. But that is not the actual topic of this blog post… even though you’ve already read three paragraphs.

People have gone to the social medias and thrown all sorts of hate and shade and other words for derogatory phrases at her because of this. Someone on my Facebook feed referred to her as Frankenstein face (which makes me sad for the future of humanity). But here is the funniest part of this. Though I have no real way of proving this, because that isn’t my job on this planet, I would be willing to bet that these negative people were saying that she had “weird eyes” and “giant lips” back in the day. It is so humorous to me that people send so much hatred toward celebrities (and I guess real people for that matter… however that makes this sound like a Dear Abby column) and tell them they need to change, but then hate them for changing. This goes back to my Honey Boo Boo article (yes this is a throwback that isn’t on a Thursday… the horror). If she is happy, I support it. Who am I to judge things that are making you happy and are in no way affecting me or the people around me? I say, you do you Renee. Own that face. It looks all good and what not. Props to you for making yourself all smiley and happy!

Ok, that was serious. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I tend to write serious stuff on my blog. If you don’t want things that are serious, or you, like a strict student of Weight Watchers, like things balanced, feel free to check out my vlog here! It’s funny. Or at least so I think. That now makes me think it might not be funny. Watch and decide for yourself.

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