Keep Your Browsing History in Your Own Bubble

This week tragedy struck the pop culture world. Nude photos were leaked. Jennifer Lawrence. Ariana Grande. Victoria Justice. Now when I first heard this story (which at this point is several days old) I approached it with my usual sense of cynicism, sass, and overall sarcasm. For a while I had this viewpoint of “why are you concerned about it… you were the one that took them” viewpoint. Why are you allowed to be upset about someone distributing your nude photos if you felt the need to take them in the first place? Now for those of you whose blood is already boiling by me saying that, let me continue and then you can start throwing things at me… because I did some research on this situation and have some new opinions.

I know… I formulated new opinions based on further research? How so un-Internet of me. This hacker dude person stole pictures from various celebrities’ iCloud accounts. So for those who aren’t Internet savvy… you can upload content into the Cloud (which no one really, sully understands) and someone was able to access these files via some mystical, magical hacking thing.

"X-Men: Days Of Future Past" World Premiere

Now I have two thoughts about this that need be mentioned: 1) How terribly creepy is it that there are people that would do this? I mean several of the females who are being exploited have mentioned that the pictures that were stolen were deleted a while back. It’s one thing to go and access photos that are currently saved. It’s another to dig them out of someone’s cyber trash. It’s like the raccoon digging through the garbage. You, sir, are the Internet’s version of the raccoon eating last night’s pizza out of the garbage can.

But more importantly 2) You really thought it was acceptable to do this to people? I understand that there are people who have loose morals (the word loose is real grody). I also understand that there are people who are totally into being an exhibitionist. But here’s the thing… you can’t exactly make that decision for other people. If you are really into someone who is shopping next to you in Old Navy (I was there today… so thus my context) you can’t be like “I think that girl is hot… I’m just going to walk into her changing room. I’m making that decision on her behalf.” No. That’s creepy. That’s realllllly weird. That’s wrong. Don’t go all up in, around, and through people’s privacy. Make your own decisions that affect yourself… not other people.

Keep your hands (and your Safari browsing history) in your own personal bubble…

Let me know your thoughts on this whole issue. Presumably the world will have thoughts… because this is the Internet and everyone always does. Share, comment, and subscribe for more musings.