Monthly Music: Audible August

It is now August. This means many things. One, it means that all of the obnoxious touring students will go back to school and get out of Washington DC. I’m all for people being into learning about our country. Heck, I often forget that I live in the same city as the Constitution and the Star-Spangled Banner (which should probably be a blog post all its own), but I simply can’t handle the tourists.  There is something about being surrounded by hundreds of people who have no idea where their going while I’m trying to run errands. They will all soon be boarding their oversized tour buses and heading elsewhere… and I couldn’t be more relieved. Second, that means that summer is only 6 weeks from being done. The other night it got down into the 70s and it was like a little kiss on the forehead from God. My music tastes for the month have been pretty varied. I spent a lot of time running errands via subway/metro (depending on which city I was in) so there are some more upbeat tunes, but there are also some nice chill cool-jams for cooler summer nights. And we’re off:

Audible August

Monthly Music: “AUDIBLE AUGUST”
“Partition” by Beyonce
“papaoutai” by Stromae (seriously… YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS)
“Sleepless” by CAZZETTE ft. The High
“Budapest” by George Ezra
“Bang Bang” by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj (also check out Jessie J’s acoustic version)
“Make You Feel My Love” by Adele
“Just a Show” by Rachel Potter
“You Never Lied” by Morgan James
“O Theo” by Matthew Perryman Jones

So there we have them. Those are my monthly picks. Check those out and comment with what your favorites have been this month. Also make sure to subscribe and share this… and check back in for more musings!