Monthly Music: July Jams

Yes… I know I used “jams” in last month’s mixtape. I’m sorry. I’m a failure. It’s not my fault that there are two months in a row with the same first letter. Regardless of my lack of creativity when it comes to naming (which you should be happy… originally it was “July Jubilee”), it is time for another music post. July has been a month of working at my computer. I recently have been working on several different branding and graphic design project which means it is me, my laptop, a gigantic latte, and music. For that reason some of the tracks this month are a bit more chill because they added to that “I think I’m really hip working in Photoshop in a cafe so I need some really chill music” motif I was going for. There are also a few throwback songs that are in no way recent, but they fit that whole, chill vibe. Also I highly recommend accompanying this playlist with a cool summer evening and an adult beverage.  Here we go.

July Jams

Monthly Music: “JULY JAMS”
“Chandelier” by Sara Bareilles (cover of “Chandelier” by Sia)
“Stay With Me” by Sam Smith (yes… this is on the list this month again)
“Chain” by Fleetwood Mac
“Fix You” by Coldplay
“Shower” by Becky G
“Raging Fire” by Phillip Phillips
“The Angels Were Singing” by Matthew Perryman Jones
“Life of the Party” by Shawn Mendes
“No Sound at All” by Matthew James Thomas
“Memento” by Brett Bixby

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