But is “Glassholes” a Word?

Hey folks. I know. It’s been a hot minute since I posted something on here. I’m sorry. I’m a bad person… but somehow I think we will all be able to get past that. Let’s get to the topic.

There I was, reading things on the interweb, when I saw an article that left me perplexed and confused and shocked and intrigued: “Glassholes Use Google to Destroy a Restaurant’s Review”. You did read that correctly. Apparently “glasshole” is now a word. Now allow me to first give you a working definition for this unique and eclectic word, then we will dissect the article. Apparently “glassholes” (or GHs as they will henceforth be known) are users of Google Glass who use their newfound technology to present themselves with an air of pretention and overall tomfoolery. Now let’s get to a practical application of the word.


Apparently a client of Google Glass was entering a restaurant in New York City when she was asked to remove her Google Glass. Apparently the restaurant had had previous complaints about privacy issues from their rather ritzy diners and in order to counteract this, the establishment had decided to not allow Glass. The woman, appalled by this request, not only refused to remove it but also refused to eat there. Now that sounds like a pretty standard story. But here’s the interesting part. Apparently these GHs took to the Internet and had a field day saying things like “this restaurant isn’t accepting of people wanting to utilize the newest technology.” The restaurant’s reviews plummeted. The GHs all ganged up and showed their anger using the best way they knew how… technology.

So here is my question… is this an acceptable practice? I have a friend who has a small dog that goes everywhere with us. She has one of those small mesh carrying bags and travels wherever her owner does. However on one occasion we were going to go out to dinner after an afternoon in the park and the restaurant said that the dog couldn’t come in. We had completely forgotten about her even being there. So naturally we understood, apologized, and went elsewhere. I didn’t write a terrible review about how they discriminate against dogs. I realized that the restaurant has regulations and moved on. In this age where tech becomes further integrated with our lives and becomes easier to use, should there be limits on it? Do people who want to use a lot of technology, regardless of the setting, have the right to be upset when people ask them to unplug and join the rest of us?