I Know How I Met Your Mother

(SNEAK ATTACK: I’m a terrible blogger and I actually wrote this post like a week and a half ago and just forgot to publish it. Please don’t hate me!)

I posted a new vlog today. I will openly admit that I used the title to draw people in. Don’t judge me. I don’t know if you’ve seen it or not. If you haven’t it is possibly because you haven’t subscribed to my vlog channel. You should be. You can click here and it will take you to my channel page!

That was my plug (think of Nicolas Cage’s hairline… but in blog format). Now to the real content of the blog post. In my most recent blog I posted my Five Fave songs for Spring thus far. Now this is obviously a very limited list because Spring is barely upon us… and because I am more or less obsessed with finding favorite songs. But I decided that I would do a more in depth review (with some added bonus material) here on my blog. So here we gooooooo…

1: “Let’s Make Out” by Rixton: As I stated in my vlog, this song is such a great pump up song. It is really energetic and fun and bouncy and just sounds like that transition from gross Winter into happy Spring. As I listened to it while editing the vlog, I realized it really reminds me of groups like S Club 7. It is that genre of pop music before pop music blended with R&B. It is definitely a must listen to, particularly if you want a different British group besides One Direction.

2: “Here in Your Arms” by Hellogoodbye: This is a totally high school song. I guess if you didn’t go to high school at the same time as I did then maybe not… but for me it is. I remember describing this song to someone as a “gateway to techno” song. It isn’t a techno song. It isn’t a straight up pop song. It is somewhere in the middle and it is perfectly energetic.

3: “Money on My Mind” by Sam Smith: I am quite literally obsessed with this song. It has all of the components of a perfect jam: It is upbeat but not too “my heart is racing just from listening to this”. It has killer vocals. The octave jump in the chorus is a perfect little surprise and MAKES the song. It just has to be on your playlist. It has to… did you put it on yet? Why not?

4: “I Really Want It” by A Great Big World: If you loved “Say Something” you need to listen to this song. It has pretty much 0 similarities to that song, however it is just as beautiful. It is a lot more peppy and upbeat but still has pretty profound lyrics. A bonus song: listen to their song “This is the New Year”. I’m not as in love with it but it is still a great song.

5: “Funkier than a Mosquito’s Tweeter” by Morgan James: A little known fact about me is I love classic jazz. And in that category falls the incomparable Nina Simone. Her lyrics are perfection and her voice epitomizes soulful jazz. I would never think that someone could cover Nina in a way that I approved of… but Morgan does it. It is so smooth and her voice basically floats around the melody. That whole album is stunning and you must download it!

BONUS: “Crying” by K.D. Lang: I’m going to have a moment of real talk. I don’t really like K.D. Lang’s voice. She has that same quality that Johnny Cash does where she kind of speaks half of the song. However this cover of the Roy Orbison classic is pretty on point. During the last chorus she does that old school rock and roll scream kind of thing that Heart made a whole career on. It is an awesome song for a night out on a patio in the crisp nighttime, spring air. Or just when you’re sitting on the sofa before Housewives comes on, drinking Diet Dr. Pepper.

So I hope you enjoyed my Spring Song Selections. If you didn’t… I’m sorry. You can probably create your own spring playlist. Or just turn on the radio. That’s always a good tool. Make sure to let me know what your spring songs are. And make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings!