Easy, Breezy, (maybe not) Beautiful

I’m probably more of a magazine reader than many of my friends. Because of my audition schedule to and from New York or Florida or wherever I read lots of magazine. Somehow the thought of a 5 hour bus ride or a 3 hour flight seems to be better when you stop in that Hudson News store and pick up a magazine. I perpetuate the vicious cycle in that I often buy these magazines because of who is on the cover. This is all backstory to the current issue. For those who have not seen the backlash over the past few weeks, everyone is up in arms about the cover of Vogue. Kim Kardashian and her husband/baby-daddy Kanye West are gracing this month’s cover with their presence.


Now here is my thought on this whole issue. I understand celebrities being on the cover of pop culture magazines. I understand celebrities occasionally being on the cover of “lifestyle” magazines when it is awards season or there is a big current event to capitalize on. But I don’t understand putting two celebrities on the cover of a magazine whose sole job is fashion and the promotion of the fashion industry. I mean I don’t know how many aspiring models have begun the path to severe eating disorders because of Anna Wintour and her publication. But somehow it seemed like a good idea to forego the option of using high fashion models in high fashion outfits and instead put “Kimye”? It just seems to be a giant disconnect.

The fact of the matter is, in this day and age everyone celebrates the “transcendent” nature of celebrities. As I posted about in another blog (entitled “Stick to Your Genre“) there are a bunch of celebrities who seem to work in every genre and be successful in every genre. I think those celebrities should be celebrated. People like Hugh Laurie can act on television and perform on an amazing jazz album. People like Lucy Liu can be kick-a$$ actresses and also make these beautiful paintings. But Kim Kardashian is not one of those people. Kanye West is not one of those people.

You may be saying: “there have been plenty of celebrities who have been on the cover who aren’t models.” This is true. However those people tend to be those who are viewed as fashionable or are promoting something that has to do with their image. If the “big achievement” that was required to get on the cover is marriage and having a baby, then there are a lot of other people who should be in front of her in line. I don’t care what your thoughts and opinions about them are (however mine are very negative), the fact is they have no business being on the cover of a magazine that specializes in fashion and modeling. Perhaps the cover of Entertainment Weekly wasn’t free?

If you would like to hear more on this issue from someone who has more business credibility than me (and looks way better in a cocktail dress and Louboutin’s) make sure to read the letter that Victoria Beckham wrote to Anna Wintour.

Let me know your thoughts on all of this nonsense. Also, because I think it would be funny… tell me who you think would be the oddest celebrity on the cover of Vogue. Make sure to subscribe, share, and comment for more musings.