It has been a long time since I posted a blog. I know… I’m terrible… I’m sorry. I decided that I needed to post something and that rather than being boring an posting an update about my life (because who would want to read that) I would post an song update. Because let’s be honest, the most accurate representation of my life is through the songs I listen to. So here we go. Here are my Spring Six! (see… it’s funny because it’s now spring and it’s six songs… and now I’ve made it like a current event.)

1: “Happy” by Pharrell Williams — This is the ultimate song for Spring 2014. I know Vogue and Elle and all those choose a clothing item or something like that as a spring essential. This song should be on that list. It’s happy and peppy and makes you want to do the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince.

2: “Partition” by Beyonce — Now if you know me, you know I am obsessed with everything related to Beyonce’s album. I think it is a brilliant piece of work. But this song takes it to another level. “Sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker”… I died. It’s fantastic.

3: “Say My Name (Remix)” by Cyril Hahn — I feel like I might have put this song on here before. I definitely know I used it in a vlog (… shameless plug). It’s just such a cool remix of a Destiny’s Child song. It took a rather slow-jam feeling song and made it much more lively and club-y.

4: “That Laughing Track” by Crookers — I know this song might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But it is so interesting and is an amazing treadmill song. After all… swimsuit season is right around the corner and everyone needs a good workout track.

5: “Animals” by Martin Garrix — This song has been used like crazy in every remix and mashup recently. But I think it is an awesome song, has a sick bass drop, and has a lot of variation for a rather trance-feeling song.

6: “Beautiful” by Carole King — Ever since the Grammys and the disgustingly good mashup between Sara Bareilles and Carole King, I have been on a total Carole King kick. I mean I have always known about her. But with that AMAZING performance and with Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway, I have developed a minor obsession with her music.

So there are my musical essentials. I hope you can add these to your playlists and go out and enjoy the sun. Or if you live in somewhere that is frozen and still really cold then maybe you can turn your computer background to a picture of Hawaii and enjoy the weather. Also make sure to check out and subscribe to my vlog. And also subscribe to my vlog. And make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musical musings.