I Call Upon the Youth of the World

Tonight is the closing ceremonies of the Olympics… or it already happened long in the past if you are ready this in the future. That being said… HI FUTURE BLOG READERS. Now, since the Olympics are more or less done I can pretty much write an analysis of it. I don’t have much to say about the matter, and if I do I will probably do a vlog about it… BY THE WAY… are you subscribed to my vlog channel on YouTube? If not you can do that here!

In general I would say the Olympics were quasi-successful. Obviously because I’m not there, nor do I really want to be, but I think if anything I can comment on the reporting of the Olympics. Why is it that we need to document and interview everything… particularly if it is sad? Did anyone else notice that? I mean many would comment that this has not exactly been the most incredible Olympic games for some of the US favorites. While you have events like ice dancing where the US was not only expected to win, but kind of dominated, there were plenty of others where our “favorites” didn’t do so hot. Now perhaps it is because I am a rather empathetic person, or maybe because I have common sense (or so I would like to think), but why would that moment… the moment when the so-called “Olympic dream” is lost, be a great time to interview someone?

There were multiple occasions where the person didn’t make the podium and who is there but the corespondent from NBC? This same corespondent then proceeded to ask questions like “what is it like to not make the podium” or “how do you feel with how you did”. You know how they felt? Crappy. They felt crappy. You know why? Because they lost. Isn’t that a normal, natural human emotion. I think everyone at home is able to deduce how they felt in that moment. I don’t think it is necessary for us to stick a microphone in the face of someone who just competed on an international level and ask them how they feel about not winning. It just seems a bit cruel and unusual.


On the other hand, I do appreciate the genuine support that the press has shown some of the international victors. (Sidebar: The use of the word victors now makes me feel like I am talking about the Hunger Games which is both awesome and terrifying. Can you imagine Charlie White and Meryl Davis assaulting people with their skates? It’s a terrible mental image… and also great source material for a spin-off. Suzanne Collins, get on it!) Often it is very easy for American media to get super invested in US athletes. This isn’t really that problematic… particularly since you are broadcasting to the States. However this year seemed to have more of an international feel. The hockey commentators, though upset about the US, were supportive and gave positive reviews of their opponents. The commentators arguably loved Yu-Na Kim more than any of the three US figure skating females. In general there seemed to be more support for other countries… which is always a nice thing to see. After all isn’t one of the points of the Olympics to have a time where countries come together and have a “We Are the World” moment.

So all in I would say the Olympics were alright. I mean there might be some human rights issues. There might not be running water in all of the housing. There might even be a complete waste of the Russian economy trying to renovate an entire city that may never be used again. But at least there was some great athleticism, some great background noise for us watching at home, and some great memes of poor, Bob Costas and his eyes. So all that being said… See y’all in Rio in 2 years!

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