Why I Visit the Abbey: An iPad Musing

I recently watched the most current episode of Downton Abbey. I loved it. Now this isn’t simply a post about me being a fan. I was sitting on the Bolt Bus today thinking about it and realized that there is a real reason that I enjoy the show. Now let me do a little bit of back story…

For those of you who don’t follow the show, it takes place in a post-Edwardian estate in in the countryside of England. It’s basically just a show about the life and times of a family and their servants. Now I, like many of you, thought this would be incredibly boring. But it’s fascinating. As you learned (and then probably promptly forgot) in your European History course in high school or college, there is an incredibly rigorous, if not borderline class structure that existed throughout the Edwardian era. And with the turn of the century coming it is a complete Clash of the Hypothetical-Titans between the past and the future.


I am a recent college grad. I have no job. I majored in Dance and that basically means I majored in a lifetime of borderline unemployment with a minor in street performance and table waiting. People always say your 20s are about self-exploration, adventure, and truly coming into your own. This is a lie. Your 20s are about questioning almost everything, spending hours tweaking two lines on your resume only to change them back an hour and a half later, and figuring out how many slices of dollar pizza you can eat in a week before your neighbors start getting concerned. And this is where Downton Abbey comes in…

There is structure. There is order. There is an organized, hierarchical way of how to send thank you notes and greet someone when they arrive at your estate. Does it make me sound tacky to say that it gives me a bit of hope? There is a Clash of the Titans. There is a need for order and there is a need for acceptance of new ideas. Downton proves that these two are not mutually exclusive. In fact it supports the two of them going hand in hand. It lets me know that my uncertainty, my desire for structure, and my almost seemingly never-ending list of options in this world are not three independent ideas, but rather three variations on a theme. So sometimes you need to ring a bell and have someone bring you tea. But sometimes you need to wear your hair down, show some ankle, and listen to jazz.

So let me know your thoughts below on Downton Abbey? Am I actually insane (you can keep the answer to that to yourself if you’d like…)? And make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings.