Wikipedia Knows All: Blog-a-thon Day 30

Throughout high school and college many people have asked me how on Earth I know some of the random tidbits that I do. Apparently I have a bit of a knack of random pieces of information and remembering them far past their usefulness. So I am going to let everyone backstage at a sneak peak at this. I read Wikipedia. When I was bored in high school I came up with the idea of “6 Degrees of Wikipedia” where you pick 5 random numbers, the featured article on Wikipedia, and you move from page to page. Today’s numbers are: 7, 8, 14, 33, 9. We begin today at “revanchism”. Basically I try and summarize the article in 140 characters or so (as I do)… and then choose whatever number link is selected on that page. Feel free to follow along at home if you’d like.

Revanchism: The concept of basing political action on taking back territory that was once stolen. Basically it is the fancy name for seeking political revenge.


–Then we find the 7th word or phrase that has a hyperlink and click it. In this case it is:

Hawkish: When faced with the question of war or not, a war hawk is always in favor of going to war. They are the political version of the kid who was always in the principles office.

Doves: The columbidae is the clade that includes the closely related doves and pigeons. This proves that some people hit the genetic lottery and others don’t.

Pteroclidiformes: The sandgrouse is a small seed eating bird that lives in predominantly Asia and parts of Africa. They are monogamous. They are ugly. You have no excuse to cheat on your girlfriend.

Double-banded Sandgrouse [Pterocles bicinctus]

Berry: Scientifically a berry is any fruit with a seed from a single ovary (a word I never thought I would use on this blog). By this definition a strawberry isn’t but coffee is. I’m healthy.

Poisonous: Linguistically a poison is anything that disrupts an organism, normally on the molecular level. However technically if you annoy me, I will classify you as a poison.

So there you go. If you know me, this whole thing makes so much sense. If you don’t know me, I highly recommend trying this yourself and seeing if it helps you in fun cocktail conversation. Another fun thing is to do Wikipedia races. Two people get on the same page, you set an end topic, and you can only progress by using the hyperlinks within the article. Enjoy. Martin Luther to Cheetos is a particularly interesting one.


Tomorrow I will be posting a new vlog for my new series: Thank Garrett It’s Friday. 1) I am not that original… I’m pretty sure everyone who has a G first name has made that joke. And 2) I am not trying to declare I am God… I can barely deal with choosing what to wear everyday. The weight of the universe would be far too much for me.

Leave your thoughts on my Wikipedia races and explorations below. And make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings.