No Pop Star is Safe: Blog-a-thon Day 29

Woopsies. I got really busy today. I have spent the morning organizing my music for auditions. Somehow I can justify organizing my music and resume and headshots as a quasi substitute for actually auditioning. Not to say that it can fully take the place of, but that it can be justified as just as much work. I would say I put in a full 9 to 5… right? No? Ok…

So all day I’ve been putting off writing because I couldn’t think of what to write and was so focused on hole punching and memorizing sheet music… and then this came into my life. I know this is probably random. I know it doesn’t apply to anything I’ve written on this blog before. And I definitely know it doesn’t add anything to the cultural zeitgeist. But I simply must share it.

I hope this made you giggle, or gut laugh, as hard as I did. And let me add the caveat that I love Taylor Swift. But I still find this hysterical.

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