The Music of the Night: Blog-a-thon Day 27

Last night was the Grammys. That’s cool. If you haven’t read my post about my predictions… do that here! I must say, I am pretty proud of the fact that I got more than one prediction right. It’s pretty awesome. So I decided to do a brief recap of what happened last night. This will be very stream of consciousness because I am editing a vlog at the same time. Also, I will probably do a ridiculous review of the Grammy fashion in a vlog soon. I also am drinking coffee… sorry juice cleanse.

Beyonce started the show and I was right about the song. Go me. While I love me some Beyonce, I thought the number was kind of awkward. I know that the theme of the night was bringing people together so they had to do something with her and Jay-Z, but still. Nothing says “let’s get this party started” like a slow, funky, baby-making song. Regardless of that, she is great and was definitely doing a little bit of Sally Bowles from the Hood. I’m into it.

Honestly I thought the whole mashup thing was just as ridiculous this year as ever. While some of them were awesome, some just seemed like such a stretch. Chicago and Robin Thicke? The members of Chicago are probably as old as Robin Thicke’s dad and they don’t really have a musical style that meshes. Plus I just need to point out that a group of gentlemen in their upper-60s singing about the “blurred lines” of sexual acts is just wrong. Oh so wrong. I still believe that this was the  Recording Academy’s way of punishing Robin Thicke for the whole Beatlejuice/Miley Cyrus incident.

All that being said… Sara Bareilles and Carole King. I have listened to it several dozen times on YouTube. It was the best thing to happen last night. I loved it. That is truly what real music sounds like. If you haven’t seen it… I’ll post the video below.

Honestly I thought most of the live performances (with the awkward exception of Thicke Chicago… which is the new band name I have just created) were good. Taylor Swift has truly come into her own and did one of the best live performances I’ve seen her do. Katy Perry was really good and did the whole dramatic pop star thing that everyone expects at these. P!nk is just crazy. Her performance looked incredibly similar to last years, but I didn’t even mind. She still can belt her face off while upside down and spinning like a top. So that’s cool.


There was the wedding thing. That’s about all I can say on the subject without someone blowing up at me. So I will just add this… regardless of your thoughts on it, I would never want my wedding to be in the middle of a nationally televised concert/awards show. That’s all.

A few rapid fire thoughts:

  • I feel sorry for Taylor Swift with the whole “Red”/”Random Access Memory” thing. If you haven’t seen the .gif of her looking excited that she won… and then didn’t… it’s really quite sad. But she applauded for them and that’s awesome.
  • What was Pharrell’s Smokey the Bear hat?GTY_daft_punk_jef_140126_16x9_992
  • I would have loved it if the robots from Daft Punk took off their helmets and it was actually Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph.
  • Lorde was so awkward… and I was kind of into it. Plus she has this Wednesday Addams feel to her.
  • I loved the shots of Beyonce just casually sitting on the front row with a glass of scotch.
  • Did we all see the Maleficent trailer with the cover by Lana Del Rey? I was obsessed and have already downloaded her cover of “Once Upon a Dream”.
  • Where was Gaga?
  • Also… where was Miley?
  • In addition… where were the One Direction boys?
  • I wish they had actually televised more awards. It is an awards show after all… so that would be neat.
  • Also I love John Legend.
  • And I love Paul McCartney.

So I hope you liked my thoughts. And I hope you enjoyed the Grammys. Let me know your thoughts on all of it below.

Make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings. I promise another vlog is coming… I am just indecisive when it comes to editing my own videos. Have a fantastic day… I’m off to watch old DVR’d episodes of Downton Abbey. My body is ready.