Music’s Biggest Night… Sort Of: Blog-a-thon Day 26

The Grammy Awards are tonight. That means you have another 8 hours to go and listen to all of the music that you haven’t this year because you’ve only had the same 4 songs on repeat. I decided that I should do some predictions for the evening because that’s just what I do. So here are just a few of my predictions:

  • Giuliana Rancic will probably be the only enjoyable part of the pre-show on E! She seems to be one of the only emotionally stable member of that network.
  • I’m expecting some surprise performance… probably by Beyonce.drunk-in-love-video-clip
  • As expected at all Grammys, there will be a bunch of awkward mashups. It’s one thing to do Adele and Fun (which has happened… hasn’t it?). But for some unknown reasons they chose to put two unknown artists together and try and make something weird. I’m expecting something like Yoko Ono meets Macklemore.
  • Speaking of which… Macklemore will win Best New Artist. Done.
  • I’m hoping Lorde does a performance simply so that she can look a little crazy and awkward… per usual. I love me a good “twitching in front of the mic” performance.
  • I want Sara Bareilles to win. That’s pretty straight forward.
  • The sound quality will be bad. It’s always shocking to me that, for perhaps one of the only nights in television dedicated to music, the mix is always awful.
  • There will be multiple Taylor Swift jokes. When all else fails the entertainment industry defaults to making jokes about he dating lots of people.
  • Bruno Mars will be big. I don’t necessarily know why. But he will.
  • Katy Perry will try really hard. You may take that as you choose.BFZ6D.jpg?1
  • And hopefully we can have another awkward telecast. Some sort of “now coming live from the beaches of Hawai’i” moment. Why are we coming from Hawai’i? Because we can.
  • If the Daft Punk guys win anything… do they talk?

Let me know your thoughts about the Grammy’s either before or after. And make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings.