Bring Back Hathaway: Blog-a-thon Day 25

2012 was the year of Anne Hathaway. Between her performance in both Les Miserables and Batman, and her rather outspoken activism for various charities, it seemed like you couldn’t escape her face in tabloids. Then she disappeared. 2013 was quite tragically deprived of her little pixie cut. It recently came out in an interview that Anne Hathaway chose to take the year off as a sort of recovery. She said, “my impression was people needed a break from me”. And here is where my thoughts begin… Is this really a necessary vacation?


How frequently have you as consumer thought, “man I really wish that actor would just go away”? I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever said that. And you have to realize I am saying this, even with actors like Nicolas Cage out there? Now my first thought was ‘wow… she is so pretentious to think that she needs time out of the spotlight.’ But then I read some interviews with her where she confessed to getting a lot of negative criticism from fans and a lot of hateful backlash for both her on and off screen life. Apparently a bunch of people don’t like her opinions and attitudes on things so they want her out of the business.

I don’t understand this dilemma on any level. From the consumer side: If you don’t like someone… ignore them. There are thousands of working actors in Hollywood. Find someone else to obsess over. I highly recommend doing a Google Image search for celebrities falling. That will take Anne Hathaway right out of your thoughts. And if that doesn’t do it go and watch the awkward Brenden Fraser clap video (here). That provides me with hours of entertainment.



From Anne Hathaway’s perspective… or really anyone famous: Why does it matter? You have an Oscar. You have a bazillion dollars. As long as no one is threatening to kill you, why should this be a huge deciding factor in your life. I say act on, girl. I would definitely like to see more of you. Perhaps a Devil Wears Prada sequel. I already watch that movie about once a month. I need some new material.

So let me know your thoughts on this situation. It’s kind of awkward and bizarre, but I want to know if you think celebrities like Anne Hathaway should take breaks from the business due to fan reactions.

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