There are Other Things Happening: Blog-a-thon Day 24

This is more of a follow-up post to yesterday’s Justin Bieber problem. Here is the thing (and I guess I will just dive right in)… I spent a little bit of time researching the whole dilemma. Now mind you I didn’t research it that much because honestly I didn’t care. But either way, I have “Justin Bieber arrest” in my search history. But then it hit me, that I was devoting time to this and that’s sad. So I decided to put some actual research on various places to find lists of actual news stories from yesterday. So these are from a bunch of stories that have been compiled from wherever:

So there are just a few rather important news stories that you very well may have not heard because we were so obsessed with a small child who drove a car he can’t afford… drunk. So I highly recommend doing a little bit of searchy, searching for current events.

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