Weekend Update… on Monday: Blog-a-thon Day 20

I’m still sick and that is suck-tastic. Also I’m trying out the concept of vlogging… so that’s a thing that is taking far too long to edit. So I am sitting in bed, drinking my green juice, taking cold medicine and editing. Be envious of my life. So I decided to do a stream-of-consciousness, life update kind of blog post. This will be interesting to those of you who read this and know me. However if you are that one reader from Tahiti or Laos that I always get, this will probably mean less. But I hope you enjoy…


I’m doing a juice cleanse. I have no idea if there is any real health benefit to it. All I know is that I’m on day 2 and I’m hungry all the time… and any time I burp it is sooooo unfortunate. I guess it is supposed to make me more healthy or something like that. Speaking of food choices… I found out the other day that cats are lactose intolerant. So are mice! My childhood is a lie. Think about the Aristocats. The real poison wasn’t that he spiked their bowl of milk. It was because he was giving them milk to begin with. Childhood… shattered.

Also I flipped through the channels last night and saw a brief segment of the “Flowers in the Attic” movie on Lifetime. Why is it that all Lifetime movies are about these terrible subject matters? I think I could just write a formula for all Lifetime movies.

“Character A is rich and/or fabulous and/or pretty. Character A goes through overly dramatic crises. You get bonus points if someone dies or the character loses the ability to walk. Character A moves somewhere to better their situation, normally with a terrible parent or landlord or somewhere that is disease ridden. Then they magically fall in love and all is well. And that last part has a 2 hour build up but resolves in about 2 minutes. Or Character A dies. That’s always an option.”

Has anyone ever thought about the idea of all of the primetime shows we watch existing in the same world. Like what would happen if  one of the agents on NCIS got injured and was taken to the Grey’s Anatomy hospital. Then they had to file a malpractice suit with the Law and Order people. Just think about it. It’s like if Inception got pregnant. I want Jack Bauer to end up on the set of House. Unfortunately both of those are off the air. Can anyone spell spinoff?

I’m also wanting to bleach my hair. There is little else that accompanies that statement. Just a thought.

Also I have come to the conclusion, due to my excessive sickness TV watching, that there is never a time of day when one of the following things is not on. Either: A Real Housewives of Some Geographic Location, Van Helsing, Golden Girls reruns, or some geographic iteration of CSI. And though this is true, somehow I always seem to see the exact same episodes of these shows. There are a few CSI episodes I could probably quote in their entirety.

So I hope this was entertaining. Feel free to leave any of your own random thoughts below.

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