I’m Just Going to Let This Go: Blog-a-thon Day 19

Frozen is the newest of the Disney obsessions. If you don’t know that… well, you know the drill. If you don’t know how that sentence should have ended, go and read all of my other posts. Now an integral part of this Disney movie is it is another full on musical. That’s awesome. It is apparently becoming a Broadway show. That’s double awesome. Now part of the thing that is so crazy about this new movie (and this is that whole part of my blog where I have a sidebar moment… again, go read all blogs) is the RIDONKULOUS cast that sings on it. An integral part of my childhood was singing along to Disney movies. I pity the poor children who think that they have to sing along to this in a full belt that matches that of Idina Menzel or Jonathan Groff or Santino Fontana. The songs in this show are crazy beautiful and crazy hard. (For the record this is all the back story to this post…)


So naturally, when the world is introduced to a new, fun song there are 8 trillion YouTube covers of it. So I have decided to compile my list of the best Frozen covers I have encountered (and let’s be real… all of them are “Let It Go” covers). There might be others. There probably are others. But these are the ones I’m doing. (And in typical me fashion, I’m doing the 140 character thing… as previously stated, read my other posts)

“Let It Go” by Grace Lee: I have no clue who this girl is but I’m quite proud of her for hitting that high E-flat… and for not just filming this in iMovie!


“Frozen Medley” by Sup3rfruit (the peeps from Pentatonix): Everyone who reads my blog knows I love them… and this is amazing. Plus their “joking around harmonies” at the end are unreal. I’m all in!


“Let It Go” by Daniele Carta Mantiglia: I like that there is a male cover because I don’t feel as bad about singing it in the car. But he does change the words which is a no-no.


“Let It Go” by Maddie and Zoe: They are adorable. One is in a princess dress. I wish I had this much “FULL OUT-ness” in every aspect of my life. This just makes me smile. (WARNING: This could be one of the most adorable things on the Internet!)


“Let It Go” by Demi Lovato: I know this is cheating since it’s on the soundtrack… but I was very pleasantly surprised by this version. Need we remember her cover of “That’s How You Know” from Enchanted?


So there are my top five versions. Honestly I know there are a billion more… these just happen to be the ones I was jamming to when I was searching through the YouTubes. Let me know your favorites.

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