O Say Can You CVS: Blog-a-thon Day 17

I have an upper respiratory infection. That’s lame. I was hoping for something with a much longer name and much cool symptoms. I was hoping for boils, bruises, and potentially scaly skin. But I guess sleeping a lot will be ok. So yesterday I discussed my experience with the Minute Clinic at CVS. If you didn’t read it, you should. It’s quite an experience to say the least. However I didn’t get to finish the story because I had to get diagnosed. So here we go with the rest of it…

First and foremost, I need to touch on the archetypal people you will see in CVS… because no matter where you are located these few people will always be there. 1) There will always be a woman in rollers. Normally she is older. Because of the socio-economic status of the area where I live, she is African-American. She is always a delight… but she is always in rollers. I don’t know why this is the case, but she is. 2) There is a mother with a lot of kids. They don’t necessarily have to be sick and waiting for the pharmacy (however I was blessed with this situation). They tend to be the primary background noise in an otherwise quite CVS. How dare they make so much noise? How dare they distract me from the Lea Delaria music playing in the background. 3) A woman will always be doing too much shopping for a CVS. By this, I mean she is shopping with a cart full of stuff like this is Costco. We will touch on this more later. 4) Finally, you will always see someone in the hair care aisle buying dye. But this person will always look uncertain. They are having a very “red pill/blue pill” moment trying to pick a shade. If you look closely there might be sweat on their brow or they might be biting their lip. This is clearly a massive decision for them and it’s best if you just don’t make eye contact and just move along.


So back to the over-shopper… I have always been enamored by the multitude of products in drug stores these days. I can’t think of an instance where I have ever walked into a drugstore and bought more that either 4 products (unless Arizona Green Teas are on sale… at which point I’m buying 20) or anything over $20 dollars (unless I’m buying razor blades… at which point I need to take out a loan). But this woman the other day quite literally had a cart full of various products. She had candles. At leas 4 candles were in her cart. I don’t think I’ve ever bought 4 candles at a time, none the less at CVS. I was lucky enough to also check out with her (that does indeed mean, for those doing the math, that she was browsing the aisles of CVS for upwards of an hour and half). Her total was over a hundred bucks. I almost felt like I should applaud her. I didn’t know that kind of tab could be accumulated at a store that predominantly sells packs of gum, eyeliner, and cough drops.

I guess all of this is to say that I now am rethinking every time I went into CVS simply to buy a bottle of hairspray or a Coke.   There is a world that I could have been exploring in there.

Let me know if you have ever encountered one of these people or if you are one of the people who is capable of playing Supermarket Sweep in a drug store. Remember to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings!