Legs for Days: Blog-a-thon Day 14


My title is probably grossly inappropriate and you’ll see why in a moment. So I have been fighting a cold. That means I have 0 motivation to do anything at all. So I am going to cash in one of my “I get to write a lazy post” cards and see what happens. Since graduating from college I’ve been super into Ted Talk videos. I don’t know if it is because they are amusing or rather because it is what I think I’m supposed to do as a graduate in my quest and search for deeper meaning. I remember seeing this video when I was in school and loving it. But the other day I came across it again and I simply love it so much so I decided to share it with you. Watch and enjoy.

So I hope that was as cool to you as I think it is. Make sure to comment, share, and subscribe for more musings. I’m going to go drink some green juice and hope for the best.