If I Die Young: Blog-a-thon Day 9

Worry not, this is not another music post. I’m sure the people reading this (who are possibly only the 8 friends I message daily to ask if they’ve read) are so done with my opinions on music and based off my song choices they think I’m either a 12 year old or chronically depressed. But this is not about the song “If I Die Young”… which I do love. Instead this is about a new product out there in the world. Now I wrote a blog post a month or so back about Kickstarter and the similar programs set up to “fund my life”. You can read it HERE. This new product is one of the most recent Kickstarter goals that makes me want to run into traffic screaming. Enter the Tikker. The Tikker is a watch. But it isn’t like any normal watch you may have seen before or used before or not worn because you’re like me and hate the idea of something grabbing onto your arm all day. The Tikker is created to count down the moments until you die. I didn’t make this up. Literally… the watch is made to count down until the moment that you die. Now I will add the caveat that I honestly don’t know if this is a real thing or not. I have Googled. (This is a tangent… enjoy. Did you all know that Google doesn’t want people to use the phrase Google as a verb because it weakens their brand. So they prefer that you say ‘you performed a Google search’.) There are some people who say it is real and some who say it isn’t. So I will assume that it is simply because it makes my point and makes me giggle… and what kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t take facts and slightly modify them for my own point?


Is this product good? That truly is the question. First I thought it was good. Then I thought it was bad. Then I thought it was good and bad. The thing is the product raises a good point: Would you change the way you lived your life solely because you knew you were going to die. Wasn’t there a Queen Latifah movie about that? Honestly I don’t think I would. I would be so tragically stressed out about dying that I would never be able to enjoy anything. I guess this kind of goes back to my idea about the New Year’s resolutions. Why do you need some sort of technological impetus to push you to live life more fully? Honestly, if you aren’t willing to go skydiving or take that cooking class or write the novel that you’ve always wanted to write, I would argue that your imminent death wouldn’t change that. I guess this is a pretty short blog post because I want to hear other people’s opinions on this… I don’t actually know if I have a definitive opinion on this matter.

Comment, comment, comment below with your thoughts and stuff on this. I want to hear what people think. Also subscribe for more musings and more stuff and share it and stuff. I clearly need caffeine because this post is so tragically not informative or coherent. Peace y’all!


PS… If you want extra credit points you can watch the video below explaining the product. That will be a fun read for you. You can make it into a drinking game if you drink every time they say the product name.