Resolution Music Part 3: Blog-a-thon Day 8

Here we are. We’ve come to the last of the resolution music posts. I have no idea if anyone likes these, but I’m going to finish them because I’m proving to myself that I have the ability to follow through with something. And now that I’ve given you that terrible insight into my life, let me reel it back in. The final resolution is spending more time with family and friends. This is quite possibly the most ambiguous of the posts so I decided to create a mix that is great as background music. It’s stuff with a great beat and a little bit less focus on the vocals. However I also would recommend listening to these on full volume too. Without further ado, I present to you: Lite Music, Lite Conversation.

And there we have it. 3 New Year’s Resolutions. 3 mini-mixtapes. I hope that at least one of these puts you in the mood to go out and accomplish your resolution for 2014. And I hope today’s mix will put you in the mood to throw a fantastic dinner party for your family and friends. You know… a party that is something less than The Great Gatsby but bigger than just a bag of popcorn with 2 friends and Will and Grace reruns. Or you can just listen to it by yourself. That is a little sad, though. If you do make sure you keep your phone nearby so that you can pretend to text or talk to someone on the phone, particularly is people start giving you that “who allowed the recluse to come to Starbucks” look.

Comment below with your favorite background jams. Also comment if you have any blog-a-thon ideas. I beg of you. January seems to be going on for a very long time this year. Make sure to subscribe for more musings (that are no longer playlist themed) and share MfaM with your friends and family.