Resolution Music Part 2: Blog-a-thon Day 7

Today I continue my fun filled series of New Year’s Resolution playlists. If you didn’t read yesterday’s post (you can here), it was 8 tracks to inspire and fuel the resolution of being more fit. Well today we move to the other end of the spectrum. Apparently a lot of people resolve to be less stressed and chill out more in the New Year. So here is my playlist for an afternoon of chill. I will admit, some of these songs are a bit on the macabre side. However the subject matter doesn’t take away from how calming and chill they are. Also I made it so that the playlist slowly builds up to brace you for ending your chill sesh and facing the real world. So grab yourself a chai tea latte (hipster glasses optional), get in a comfy chair, dim the lights, and enjoy the smooth sounds of my chill-out playlist: It Will All Be Ohm-K.

So did you enjoy it? I knew you would. Now just go and listen to some positive affirmations. I highly recommend the one you can download from Ziva Mind… plus let’s be honest, Emily has the most soothing and comforting voice ever. Also get yourself another one of those Chai Tea Lattes… you deserve it!

Comment below on what music puts you at ease and is on that playlist entitled “Cool Jams” that you only play when no one is home and you can be alone with the music. Also subscribe for more of these musical musings and share them with your friends… or just other people…