Resolution Music Part 1: Blog-a-thon Day 6

So I am a complete and total auditory stimuli person. Everything needs background noise all of the time. So naturally, because I love playlists and I love finding appropriate, or completely inappropriate, song choices, I decided to do that for the New Year. I went online and found the top 3 New Year’s resolutions (I don’t remember where I found these… because I’m super professional). I am using 8tracks to create playlists that are, wait for it… 8 tracks long. So the first of these playlists is for you to listen to during the No. 1 most common resolution: lose weight. Enjoy my playlist for the elliptical, power walking, or just deep thoughts about fitness: Twerkin’ On My Fitness.

I hope these tunes inspire you in some way. Or I hope they are just some cool songs to listen to while you scroll through Tumblr over and over. Or perhaps it can be the soundtrack to you illegally torrenting P90X from the Internet. Either way, I hope it makes you dance a little… or think about dancing… or look up videos of people dancing on YouTube.

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