The Year in Review

So normally big new stations do a “year in review” kind of thing. This typically involves pop culture events, big news stories, whoever went to rehab, and maybe a commentary on the president or the pope. For the most part I tend to stay away from them (however I’m sure this year will have some good ones between the pope stepping down, the government shutdown, Amanda Bynes, and twerking). So I decided that, as the year is winding down, I would think about the year in review. But then I realized I have very little to say about the cultural and socio-political going-ons of the world. So instead I decided I would share with you one of my personal favorite things about the end of the year: the year in review mashups.

Now for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, every year certain DJs and musicians take the biggest songs of that year and mash them up. I found these back in college and, as a lover of pop music, I think they are awesome. There is also something kind of cool and intriguing about how well all of these songs mix together to create a new piece. I’m sure some of the more pretentious folks I went to college with would have some commentary on the degradation of music to a cookie cutter format or something like that. But their opinion doesn’t matter now. So without further ado… I present to you my Top 3 year-end mashups.

1) “Living the Fantasy” by DJ Earworm: I feel as though the DJ Earworm mashup was one of the first to start this trend of wrapping up the year with musical inbreeding. It’s a solid mashup. Honestly I don’t like it as much as I have like past years, but all in all it has a great beat and he is able to mash them up in a way that makes the songs make sense together.

2) “Pop Danthology 2013” by Daniel Kim: I am really into this mix. I feel like it has a really strong mix of the top songs while working with different timings and styles. It isn’t as “static club beat” as many mash ups. I also really like the depth and the layers he does. It makes the song feel a lot more “whole”.

3) “PopLove 2” by Robin Skouteris: This is yet another really solid mashup. It is cool because it uses some material that is quite recent and not just stuff from several months ago. However I don’t necessarily know how I feel about the idea of their being a single theme song that runs under a large portion of the song. “I Need Your Love” isn’t that amazing song to be played for like 2 minutes.

I hope you guys had an amazing year and have enjoyed these musical walks down memory lane. Make sure to subscribe for more musings in 2014 and let me know what your favorite songs of the year were. If I get enough response, who knows, I may just make a MegaMix of my own (I’m going to be real… I probably won’t do that.)


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