Cry Me a River(s)

So here’s the deal… that title is a terrible pun and you will soon realize how terrible it is as you continue reading. So this week in an interview with the New York Post, Joan Rivers said her New Year’s Resolution is that “Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realizes how lucky she is and calms down.” Let the record show that Rivers is quite possibly the only person on planet Earth who doesn’t like Jennifer Lawrence. But here is my bigger beef with this whole situation (seeing as though I’m younger than 50, am I allowed to say ‘beef’?): Joan Rivers is an 80 year old woman. Her actual job is to sit in a nice, comfy studio, look at pictures of people, and pretty much make crude jokes while telling them they are fat and ugly. If you were wondering, I used to sit in my bean bag chair in my bedroom and tell my brother he was ugly… WHEN I WAS 8. It just seems like a hypocritical statement to tell people that they should be more mature when your job is simply to insult people. And I know… the Fashion Police isn’t just about criticism. They occasionally (once every 47 episodes) say something nice about someone. But the fact that this act of degrading people who are simply trying to live their life is celebrated, is kind of sick.


I think that is truly the bigger issue here. I mean I have my own problems with Joan Rivers as a celebrity (particularly since as a comedian with no background in fashion, she is on a show talking about style… of which she seems to not have all that much of). But the true problem is that shows like Fashion Police, and the newest player in this terrifying game, Fashion Queens (I’m telling you… it’s terrifying…) promote degrading others. Now don’t get me wrong, I have trash talked on more than one occasion. But there is a difference between stating your opinion and having it be a bit too pointed versus being straight up mean. Because I was talking about the Rivers v. Lawrence situation (and thanks HuffPo for the quotes) I have decided to include this statement by our good buddy Joan: “I love that she’s telling everyone how wrong it is to worry about retouching and body image, and meanwhile, she has been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican.” What about that statement is acceptable to say in modern society? Even if you were somehow able to look past the mean-spirited nature of it, what purpose does it serve? Is Jennifer Lawrence going to hear some scathing review by Joan Rivers and instantly want to change her style? Of course not. Because who is going to want to listen to someone saying that they are ugly or hypocritical or fat or stupid or whatever it may be. If you are a person in the public eye who wants to make some amount of change, do it with constructive statements, not with a straight up insult.

And while I realize Joan Rivers will probably never read this… this is simply my message to the world (or the 27 people who will check this out today). You can have an opinion. In fact people without opinions annoy the living daylights out of me. But put that opinion to good use. Say something of actual merit that can help the people who will see it. Being a jerk for the sake of being a jerk isn’t going to help you… ever. So now that I’ve made that deep and profound point… please appreciate these hysterical faces, because I think she is absolutely awesome.


So that was my little critique of the entertainment industry for the day. Let me know your thoughts on all of this. Plus make sure to subscribe for more musings.