Festive Facts

So it is Christmas… and that means I don’t particularly want to spend every second of the day writing a blog post. So as I am now waiting for the festivities to begin, I decided to do a little research for you all and write some fantastically, fun facts about Christmas. These might be things you know… they probably aren’t because I have dug into the depths of the Internet to find some obscure facts.

1) Coca-Cola was the first company to use Santa Clause in a winter promotion. So next time you see that festive can, think about all the history… and all the sugar.


2) Oklahoma was the first state to declare Christmas an official holiday in 1907. I don’t know much else that Oklahoma has done or other things that Oklahoma was “first” at… but that seems pretty cool.

3) “White Christmas” by Bing Crosby is the most popular selling Christmas song of all time. However I feel like the Christmas Shoes song is well on its way… (but seriously if I hear that song again I will just run into traffic)


4) Male reindeers tend to shed their antlers in the winter months around the holidays. In keeping with the traditional depictions of Santa’s sleigh, it is most likely that the reindeer pulling it are actually female. I’m sure there is some feminist message in there. I’ll let you decode it.

5) Mistletoe literally translates to “little dung twig”. Never has anything seemed less romantic than that.

6) Because of the changes in international time zones, Santa actually has 31 hours to deliver gifts. So I don’t know why we are giving him all this praise for 24 hours. He clearly is cheating.

7) The “true love” that is giving gifts on the 12 Days of Christmas is actually Jesus, not a romantic partner. That episode of The Office where he gives the girl all 12 Days now seems very weird.


8) Apparently, in Mexico, wearing red underwear on Christmas Eve is said to bring love and romance for the next year. I question the validity of this statement.

9) On multiple occasions Hugh Martin, the songwriter for “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” was asked to make the lyrics a bit more cheerful. He refused and in the end it is still one of the more somber Christmas songs. I mean how many other songs include the phrase “have to muddle through somehow”…?

10) “All I Want for Christmas is You” is Mariah Carey’s most popular song in Japan. For this reason she performs it any time she is there, even though she has never visited during the Holidays. Nothing says “I hope you’re having a great month of June” like some Yuletide riffing.


I hope everyone has an incredibly Merry Christmas with whoever you are spending it with.

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