Elton John’s “Rocket Man” To Become Reality

So there I was, scrolling through the pages of CNN.com, when I come across this article. Now since the release of publications like The Onion (who I love and would love to write for… just throwing that out there) I have become incredibly cautious about what things I read on the Internet. On more than one occasion I have read an Onion article, become deeply emotionally invested, and then realized it was satirical and all of my worrying and emotional strife has been for naught. But this is apparently real… or so CNN says. A Dutch company intends on sending people to Mars. Yes, you did read that correctly. They want to put people in a rocket and blast them off to Mars to begin the first human colony. The goal is for them to land in 2025 and begin the process of making a settlement there. Here’s the thing… the volunteers for this project are signing up under the pretense that they will not be coming back to Earth. (If you would like to read the whole thing the article can be found here).

Landing On The Moon by Racey Helps

Here’s my dilemma with this… THEY AREN’T COMING BACK TO EARTH. Like I am all for exploration. I am all for taking risks. Just yesterday I ordered a drink from Starbucks that I have never had before. I didn’t like it, but I ordered it and that is the small victory that I am focusing on. But there is something about signing your life away for a very experimental mission into space. Is that even legal? I don’t understand the mentality someone could have that would say, “You know what would be awesome to do? I should blast off into space, possibly killing myself, with the minute chance of being one of the first people on Mars.” But that isn’t even the end of it. The thing that really gets me questioning all of it is the fact that this is 12 years away. I don’t even know what I’m doing 12 weeks from now. Heck, I don’t know what I’m doing 12 hours from now. How can someone realistically approach a situation that is that distant and take such a gigantic risk?

Let’s just think about it. Things that can happen in 12 years:

  • The raising of a child into a teenager
  • 4 presidential elections
  • According to stats I found on Google, the average American would change careers one or two times
  • 6 Olympic games
  • 3 World Cups
  • 12 World Series
  • 5 to 7 different Amanda Bynes rehab stints
  • Approximately 61 Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries weddings

So all that I am saying is maybe you should not make 12 year plans that could end your life. I know that’s a preposterous statement, but there is probably some truth in there. So comment below if you would do this. I am seriously interested if you actually would do this.

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