Movies You Haven’t Seen In a While

So a while back I posted a blog about the top movies you should see that are underrated… and apparently people liked it. So that’s really cool. So I’ve decided to try and make a sort of companion piece to that article. Depending on your age as a reader, these movies may seem more or less completely foreign to you. But here it is: My Top 10 Favorite Movies From Before I Was Born. (And before people get all upset that movies like “Gone With the Wind”, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, or “Singin’ in the Rain”… those are movies that people know for the most part. So I figured I would focus on a the slightly more obscure films.)

1. West Side Story. This should probably go with those others as “Classic Movies You Should Know”, however I have found that a lot of people don’t know this film particularly well. It is one of the most amazing films ever. You should know it. You should love it. That is all.Westside-Story

2. Metropolis. Fritz Lang’s 1927 classic is one of the earlier sci-fi movies out there. Without Metropolis you would never have your Walking Dead or your Twilight. So you should appreciate it. Also it is pretty funny to watch because the combination of 1920s over-acting mixed with the “cutting edge” special effects makes for a truly unique film… particularly for those of us who are quite accustomed to CGI.5

3. Modern Times. While Chaplin was only nominated for the Best Actor for The Great Dictator, I think Modern Times is a much more interesting film. Also it was Chaplin’s last silent film so it shows the genius of his silent acting mixed with his clever integration of sound effects and score.

4. Citizen Kane. Like West Side Story, I think Citizen Kane should be a required watch for all people before they can drink on their 21st birthday. It is one of the great stories of film. And if you don’t know what “Rosebud” means… then you’re missing out.

5. The Jazz Singer. Al Jolson’s The Jazz Singer was the first ‘talkie’. That’s really the only reason you need to watch it. I mean I can honestly say the plot is a bit difficult to get into the first time. But it is iconic in the world of film.

6. All About Eve. Bette Davis is in this. She plays a Broadway star who is getting older. She has a whole lot of eyebrows going on in this movie. It’s great.Annex-David-Bette-All-About-Eve_01

7. Sullivan’s Travels: This is possibly one of my favorite movies of all times. It has Veronica Lake in her first leading role. And it is just a great satire film. Plus I love that it is kind of the inspiration of Oh Brother! Where Are Thou… which is an equally as wonderful film.


8. Psycho. I just think Psycho is awesome. I can’t give you an explanation. Maybe it’s the chocolate sauce in the bathtub as blood. Maybe it’s the fact that Norman Bates is one of the creepiest characters ever conceived. But you must watch it at some point. Also listen to this amazing cover by Bastille of Scrubs by TLC that samples dialogues from the film.

9. It’s a Wonderful Life. Because it is Christmas time this movie is a must. But again I am shocked by the amount of people who haven’t seen this movie. I’m going to be honest, there are a few parts that are slow. But all in all it is a wonderful, heartfelt movie and is incredibly quotable.

10. The Lady Eve. This is the kind of movie I find iconic of the period. It is glamorous. There is a half fantastic/half tacky looking set. But the dialogue is what makes this movie. Fonda plays the perfect dashing gentleman. And Stanwyck plays the perfect, sassy but sexy ingenue.


Honorable Mention. Ben Hur. Ben Hur is one of those films that you have to watch once… and when I say once I mean a single time. It is like 27 years long. And I fully understand it is am epic work of cinema. But it is still forever and a year long.

So I hope this has broadened your cinematic interests and that you watch a few of these.

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