Do You Really Like Her That Much?

So for those of you who have not yet seen it (and if you haven’t… what part of the wilderness are you lost in?) the video of the fans outside of Lady Gaga’s place is taking the internet by storm. I will post it below and you simply must watch it. The moral of the story is that Lady Gaga’s fans are crazy. That is neither good nor bad… it’s just an accurate observation.


This video got me thinking about fandom. Then this morning I saw a fantastic Facebook status that just screamed “PLEASE COMMENT ON ME”. I would post a picture of the comment but I don’t know how to do that whole blur-out-the-name thing. But here is just a snippet of the status:

“Britney has another record breaking hit. Who doesn’t love her? I am so incredibly proud of all that she is doing. She is such a wonderful artist and such a beautiful soul. I’ll be walking around all day with a smile on my face and a heart full of pride in her.”

I’ll allow this some time to sink in. Are we all prepared to continue? Ok. So here is my problem with this whole status. You don’t know her! I mean I guess there is a minute possibility that he does know Britney Spears on a personal level. If that is the case, that’s awesome. However it does not lessen the intensity of my point. With the way that celebrities communicate with fans, it is very easy for fans to get a false sense of connection. After all, this is what artists truly want. They want to make every single listener, viewer, or admirer to feel like they are incredibly important and all that matter. But you, as a fan, cross that line into Weirdsville when you suddenly feel proud, like a parent watching their child at graduation, for a recording artist you’ve never met. Like her stuff. Listen the crap out of it. Maybe even wear a shirt with her face on it or start a fan blog (because didn’t every give in the early 90s have a Hanson fan-fic blog). But don’t say you’re proud.

So with all that being said… please enjoy this video of Lady Gaga’s fans. Also, please use “yassssss” as an appropriate term of endearment, acceptance, or excitement.

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