I’ve Still Got You Covered

So a little bit ago I wrote a post about song covers that I was really into at the time. As I’m sure most of you are also doing, the past few weeks have been full of traveling. The holidays inherently mean that you’re going to spend more time driving and flying to different locations for various family gatherings. So I have assembled a Part II of my list of favorite covers. I hope you all enjoy these and they help pass the time on your many holiday voyages.

“Royals”. Lorde. Covered by Tanner Patrick

I think literally every band has covered this song. It is on the radio every 34 seconds.  It was going to take a lot for me to like a cover of this song simply because it was so overplayed. But this cover is awesome. It is very simple, executed perfectly, and represents the song really well. Also props to Shep689 for giving Tanner some killer press.

“Trouble”. Taylor Swift. Covered by The Trio

I am doing that thing where I give publicity for my own classmates and friends. The Trio is a group made up of three amazing Belmont Musical Theatre students. They have done a few covers of songs and all of them are amazing. They get music.

“We Can’t Stop”. Miley Cyrus. Covered by Bastille

This is Bastille singing Miley Cyrus to the bass line of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. This is perfect. If you have never listened to the BBC 1 covers then you have to… now.

“The Evolution of Beyonce”. Covered by Pentatonix

I guess this is technically a combination of a mashup and a cover. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Pentatonix (also you should hear them sing “Royals”). But this Beyonce cover, mashup, thing is INCREDIBLE.

“PYT”. Michael Jackson. Covered by Tori Kelly

This girl is gross. If you haven’t heard her new album that came out a few weeks ago, you definitely need to listen to it. I am pretty certain her voice can do absolutely anything. Just listen to the riff at 2:22. It’s ridiculous.

“Skyfall”. Adele. Covered by Syesha Mercado

I know this song is a year or so old. But this cover is still incredible. Honestly she doesn’t change the material as much as most people do when they cover a song. However her range is ridiculous. I am warning you: if you have headphones in, turn down your volume, particularly for the last minute or so. It’s really high and really loud.

So I hope you enjoy these covers. I’m sure I will probably do more of these posts in the future. I love finding new artists who are making pre-existing songs their own. It’s awesome!

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