What Would Yeezus Do?

This post is actually quite behind the times. I know part of having a blog is reporting things in an expedient manner, but this is the kind of thing that I can’t not post about. At the end of the summer Kanye West took a huge step in his extensive and seemingly-extraneous career: he collaborated on a shirt. But here’s the thing… he didn’t collab in some cool, edgy merchandise capacity. He teamed up with APC, a luxury clothing brand, to create a $120 white t-shirt. I know what you’re thinking, “Does this t-shirt fly? Can I hook it up to my home’s wi-fi? Is it bulletproof? Does it come with a certificate of authenticity signed by Kanye himself?” No. You know what the features of this shirt are? It’s white. That’s about it. I think technically it is made of Egyptian cotton (because nothing screams ‘this shirt is comfortable’ like it being made out of the same thing your sheets are made of).


But here’s the thing that makes this even more revolting. Not only can you too purchase a shirt that looks like you are in one of those Michael Jordan Hanes commercials, but people did! This $120 shirt sold out far faster than it should have. Also as a side note: can I just point out that the shirt is actually called a “Hip Hop T-shirt”. I don’t necessarily know if that is a message that the hip hop community wants to be putting out there.

So while all of this is hysterical and definitely some sort of commentary on modern society, this is not what I wanted to talk about. The important thing is that the Internet has since been talking about how stupid Kanye West is for selling this shirt and how this self-aggrandized branding is ridiculous. But the fact is, and I will NEVER SAY THIS AGAIN IN MY LIFE, but Kanye West is a genius! He convinced people to buy an undershirt, but to wear it as a real shirt, and to pay far too much for it. If you were wondering I was in H&M yesterday. You can buy a solid white shirt that is the perfect blend of comfort and street-cred for $5.95. But people went out of there way to spend 20 times that so they can get the shirt that Kanye West endorses. Now I am all for celebrity endorsement. I am also all for celebrity collaboration with different producers. I would have bought the crap out of the Lady Gaga Beats headphones if I didn’t have such a tendency to wash my headphones in my jean pockets. But we are reaching a point where the collaboration is becoming too much. Next thing you know I am going to have to pay 10 times the price of a bottle of Listerine because Selena Gomez is on the bottle saying it is her collaborative flavor.

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