When I Was But A Youngling

I don’t know if I have mentioned this on my blog or not, but I moved! So I am now living in New York City. This moves both exciting and completely and utterly terrifying. So as I have made this move I have also been reflecting on stuff from my past. While most normal people would decide to journal about this, or maybe if they are really invested they would watch old home movies, I did not. In fact I really have just been listening to songs from my childhood to make me feel younger… or simply because some of these are actually decent songs. There is really not much content to this blog post, but it is making me smile.

“Us Against the World” | Play (can we point out these 7 year old girls have voices like grown women…):

“C’est La Vie” | B*Witched:

“Up Up Up” | Rose Falcon:

“Dig It Up” | The D-Tent Boys:

“Be a Star” | Tyra Banks:

“Cheetah Sisters” | The Cheetah Girls (thank the Lord for mono-chromatic outfits):

“What Dreams Are Made Of” | Hilary Duff & “Isabella” & the worst wig in cinematic history (also 3:44 is iconic):

“It Happens Every Time” | Dream Street:

Let me know if you have any other 90’s and 2000’s faces that didn’t make it on this list.

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