Wait… You Did Other Stuff?

As a recent college grad in the performing arts I have heard the tragic expression “you should learn your type” enough to never want to hear it again. But there seems to be this horrifying phenomenon of actors being so engrained in their type that they have one role that defines them forever. It’s sad and unfortunate and naturally that means that I should write a blog post and comment on the sad state of their careers. Here we go…

Mark Hamill: Obviously everyone knows that Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker. But the funny thing is that Mark Hamill has continued to make a massive career for himself as a voice over actor. He is one of the few people I know of who took that whole “you will always be Luke Skywalker” thing and made it work for him. Listen for him in episodes of Robot Chicken, The Simpsons, and in a bunch of other animated stuff.images-3

Sean Connery: Bond. James Bond. Tell me that you didn’t just say that in your head in a Sean Connery accent. The poor man has had a wonderful career yet all we ever think of him as is a dapper gentleman in a well-tailored suit. The sad thing is I have seen other films he is in. I mean the man has won an Oscar. But in my mind I see him hunting for Red October… as James Bond. Or winning an Oscar for The Untouchables… as James Bond.

Daniel Radcliffe: I loved “How To Succeed”. I actually somewhat enjoyed “The Woman in Black” (however the play is better). But everything that Daniel Radcliffe does should involve wands. I love him as an actor and I think he is wonderful. But I just feel bad that he will forever be Harry Potter. I can honestly say that I saw a red carpet photo of him recently and I was confused as to why he didn’t have a scar on his forehead. It took a few minutes of me feeling like an idiot to realize ‘oh yeah… he doesn’t actually have that scar in real life.’ Sorry Daniel.


Kristen Stewart: I personally struggle with the idea of calling Kristen Stewart an actress seeing as though she has the emotional range and acting prowess of the baby in the Gerber commercials, but she must be put on this list. Like Radcliffe, the actors in these blockbuster sagas are kind of screwed. She is on a lunch box. The second you make it to lunchbox, backpack, or trapper-keeper status, you may as well give up on trying to do anything of substance that doesn’t relate to your franchise.

Judy Garland: Now if you aren’t a homosexual or someone who can name more than 3 songs from Victor/Victoria (or if you fall into both categories) you probably only know Judy Garland as Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”. The funny thing about it is she was actually quite successful and is the youngest recipient of the Cecille B. DeMille Award. But everyone knows her from that blue dress, red shoes, and little dog. If you are one of those people who doesn’t know what sound the trolley makes, turn off the Real Housewives and go watch a Judy Garland movie (or wait a week for my post on old films and watch all of them).


Jon Heder: The funny thing is that I actually had to Google Jon Heder’s name to even remember who he was. If you are in this same boat I’ll save you the search. He was Napoleon Dynamite. I think he has done other things, however because that dance-like shenanigans that he did to “Canned Heat” has been forever burned into the minds of anyone alive in 2004, he will always have that red afro. He made a smart choice when faced with the problem of making all his money in one role that will forever define him… he hasn’t done much else.

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