Mr. Woodchuck, Why Are You Chucking Wood?

So this week I have been fighting a cold. This means that my already extensive time spent searching the Internet for fun new content has increased exponentially. One of these online gems that I’ve found is this video below. I have no real back story on it besides the fact that it is some session video of a girl singing some crazy jazz song. But the incredible thing is that Lalah Hathaway sings chords. Yes… the girl sings multiple notes at the same time. It is absolutely ridiculous. I recommend that you watch it before continuing to read my commentary. If you’re in a hurry just go straight to 5:45 and listen to all of her scatting and riffing.

Now naturally my thought process went like this after watching this video: “Wow. She is absolutely amazing. How do you do that? I wish I could do that. Why do I suck so much at life? I will never amount to anything. Time to go back to drinking my cup of coffee and looking for ways to legally sell my organs because no one will ever hire me for a job, ever.” Wait… is that not what your thoughts were? Oh. My bad. Well regardless of whether or not you have an issue with self-deprecation, this is a relatively common occurrence amongst performers, if not all people. But then, right as I was contemplating what flavor of Ben & Jerry’s to eat alone, I came across this video. (Also as a sidebar, I am not chronically depressed. This is what we call imagery ladies and gentleman. I’m painting a beautiful, depressing, mildly self-loathing picture for you all.)

This girl is LIVING. I mean, to be honest, as a dancer I probably would have been the person next to her and been terribly annoyed with her. But the truth is she doesn’t care. She is having the time of her life and is filled with all of the joy. But what is even more important… she is loving what she is doing. She doesn’t have that partially lobotomized look on her face you see on some of the Toddlers & Tiaras contestants where she fears for her life if she doesn’t smile. She is just loving what is happening and that she gets the opportunity to do that. But here is the BEST part about this. In a brief moment of genius, I realized that this incredible woman singing chords probably looked something like this overly enthusiastic girl. Before she could riff like crazy she probably sat in her living room screaming along to a Whitney Houston song. So this is my brief message of encouragement (that is 99% for myself, but if you get something out of it too that’s cool): One of the only ways to become that girl who can belt and riff and sing for the blood of the lamb is to have the passion, enthusiasm, and love that the girl in the tutu has.

I hope this at least makes one other person step away from the Ben & Jerry’s. Subscribe for more musings.