Definitely Not My Last Will and Testament

I’m sick. This sucks. Do to the throbbing in my forehead region I am tempted to leave the blog at that. But I will not because I have so much more to say. I have decided I have some really traumatic and deadly disease. It’s possible that I may die from this. I made the mistake of looking on WebMD this afternoon. It is quite likely that I am dying of ebola… that or I just have the common cold. I hate that in this world of WebMD and the mystical, magical Google machine, I can not only search my symptoms, but in a roundabout game of cyber Scategories I can create a symptom list and diagnose myself with some disease that has only had 4 cases in Senegal back in 1999. Naturally this is the disease I have.


Also let the record show that today, amidst my sickness and excessive liquid consumption, that I began to contemplate what I should do before I die. I realize this is tragically macabre. But it got me wondering… do people actually have bucket lists? I mean I realize that people say “I can now cross that off my bucket list”. But do people actually have bucket lists? I mean I would like to think that I would travel to Bosnia. I don’t necessarily know why I would chose Bosnia. I guess it is just because I think it has a cool name. I also intend to own a dog (or possibly cat if absolutely necessary) named Barnabas. If Barnabas is not available, Bradford or Abernathy are possible alternatives. I would like to spend a day eating nothing but Nutella. I would love to go into a restaurant and say “I’d like one of everything”. But is it necessary to make a list of these things? Is the concreteness of it really all that desirable? When I was in high school I had a desire to drink nothing but coffee for a whole week. After 4 years of undergrad that were predominantly fueled by coffee, this once bucket-list item is now not quite as desirable. I guess all of this is to say, why must we feel the need to set a concrete list of goals? Why not let yourself be open to change and take your adventures on step at a time? With all that being said I am going to go drink some tea and Google the symptoms of hemorrhagic fever. Wish me luck…