Beyond the Banksy: A Quasi-NYC Musing

While I was in NYC the big news was a slew of new Banksy pieces. For those of you who don’t know, which you should, Banksy is a street artist. I don’t know what he would call himself, but in my eyes his work is absolutely awesome. Also if you haven’t seen his documentary “Exit Through the Gift Shop” you definitely should. It’s odd and unique and truly stretches your mind with what you think of “fine art”. But here’s my dilemma. While I love Banksy and think his work is awesome (I got to see his New York accent piece before it was defaced), there are lots of street artists who deserve more notoriety… and I will do that here.resize

Tejn: Tejn’s work has actually been in a few noteworthy settings, however I still feel like he deserves some more respect. I think it’s really cool that he is a street artist who doesn’t work solely in graffiti. It’s so popular to do stencil work, that doing large scale metal pieces is both interesting and unique. His “Lock On” collection is really awesome.

Richard Hambleton: This dude is like Banksy’s grandfather… or godfather… or whatever. He is basically know as one of the innovators of the street art movement. His stuff isn’t nearly as stencil based and consequently I think people think it isn’t as difficult or intricate. But he has a lot of really interesting and rough looking pieces. Also his “Image Mass Murder” series is so cool. He basically created a bunch of realistic looking homicide, chalk outlines in a bunch of major cities. Also he graduated with a BFA in Art… so even I can make famous artwork.  hambleton2

A1one: For the sake of transparency, I don’t really know if I like all of A1one’s work. It’s cool and sometimes interesting, but I don’t know if it is my cup of tea. However the fact that he is one of the first and only true street artists in Tehran is pretty awesome. I mean a street artist has to create work, often in an illegal or anonymous (or both) setting, and then not necessarily get to take credit for it. Now move all of that to Tehran. That’s pretty hardcore.