Already Came to Theaters Near You

(As a prelude to this post, I should just say that I have been working on this post for a while. With the addition of advice from other friends and such… THANKS RYAN…. I have finally compiled my list.)

While I was in college I made it a personal goal to truly explore art that I hadn’t been exposed to already. I wanted to see things that people seemed to take for granted or think were underrated. I will now share my Top 10 list of most underrated movies. Some of these are obscure and others mainstream. But all of them have some element that I think is grossly overlooked that I will explain in 140 characters (give or take). Let me know if there are others that you think should be on the list.

1…Ironweed. It’s Meryl Streep. She sings. She’s poor. It’s Jack Nicholson. He’s poor. It’s dramatic. I cry every time. What more could you want?

(She should have won an Oscar for this scene alone…)

2…The Fall. Costumed by Eiko. Tarsem Singh directs. It’s a beautiful movie. And you have to read the backstory on the little girl who’s the lead.

3…Master and Commander. I know it isn’t unknown, but people didn’t realize how epic this movie is, the magnitude of it, and how visually stunning it is. (And it has an awesome soundtrack).

4…Exam. I almost can’t explain this movie. It’s a psychological thriller. You just have to watch it. It’s absolutely awesome and makes me uncomfortable.

5…Eyes Wide Shut. I feel like this is a very polarizing movie. Yeah the sex part of it is a bit much. But psychologically it is really well thought out and really creepy. Just keep your clothes on a bit you two.

6…Changeling. Angelina Jolie was great in this movie. But somehow it kind of fades to the background amidst all of the stuff that she has done.

7…The Iron Giant. One of the best animated movies of my childhood. If you don’t know it or haven’t seen it, you must! And the lead character’s name is Hogarth… so that’s perfect. (Sidebar… the movie was originally supposed to be a musical with music by Pete Townsend from The Who.) 680x478

8…The Mist. I’m going to be honest… this is probably one of the best King movies ever. I totally dig it. And it proved to me that the only thing that happens in Maine is suspense films.

9…Shutter Island. So apparently my underrated films are suspense movies. But I think this is an incredible movie. Plus it has an amazing soundtrack.

10… City of God/City of Men. It’s an awesome, emotional movie about two teens in the gang rivalries of Brazil. City of God is the original Brazilian film and it’s a little bit better (but it’s a foreign film… so good luck). 

Honorable Mention… 21 Grams. This movie has that weird non-linear format where you don’t really get it until the end. But it is so awesome. Naomi Watts is great in this.


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