That Guy’s Still On The Plane (Part II): iPad Musings

I had to wrap up my previous post because my flight was over and I was getting the angry looks from the flight attendant (however it has now taken me an extra week to actually upload it). It’s as if the second they say the “please turn off your electronics” announcement they expect you to have them off and stowed. Heaven forbid that you take a moment or two to put them away. However, that being said, I always loathe the people who seem both shocked and appalled by the idea that they are asked to turn their things off.


Allow me to shift the focus from my observations on the plane to the wonders of a layover in the airport. First thing: There is nothing more hysterical than watching a grown up run through an airport. Now, having spent some time in NYC this month, I am familiar with the idea of people running to catch trains or to grab a cab. But the airplane run is a completely unique movement. It is as if you are in a place of business so you can’t really run, but at the same time you are in a hurry. So it is a hysterical mixture of full on sprint and “I’m a professional, adult” power walk. It never ceases to make me giggle.

The final thing I must discuss is food in airports. This could be a whole separate blog post, but it would get way to rant-y. It actually could probably be whole non-fiction book. But whatever… How is it that large airports can still get away with minimal food? I won’t say what airport I was in (it rhymes with Cleveland), but I got off the plane in desperate need of food and beverage. This airport had next to no food in it. I was hoping for a Chick-Fil-A or perhaps a Chipotle. If nothing else I at lease wanted to get my Starbucks, find a place with an outlet, and wait for my next flight. But no. The only consistent source of food in airports is that one awkward pub/tavern/sports bar that is unique to that airport and all sell the same horrendous hamburger and french toast. Can we make that a part of TSA’s policies? Your liquids must be less than 3 ounces, you cannot crowd the area near the cockpit, and all airports must have a Chipotle and a Starbucks.

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