Haute Couture that Should Be Burned

(see… it’s funny… because haute looks like hot… hot… burning… it’s funny)

As many people know, it is the season of Fashion Weeks. New York Fashion week was at the beginning of September. Now it is time for Paris Fashion Week. I should preface this by saying I really enjoy runway shows. I think they are incredibly creative and many of the looks are quite innovative. This post is not to belittle the work of any designer or their team. However there are some runway shows that simply make you go, “huh?”. I just wanted to share some of my personal favorite “what is happening” moments from both New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

Thom Browne: While I think that the collection is cool looking, why are they all a mixture of every role that Helena Bonham Carter has ever played & the bride of Frankenstein. It’s just a lot going on.


Libertine Mens: Sneak attack… I’m going to purchase this. I think a suit like this is a totally “suit”-able (yes, I did just giggle at that) outfit for an assortment of settings. You could wear it to a wedding, a funeral, a first date, walking in a Mardi Gras parade. Who is wearing this?


Comme de Garcons: This is a very special line. And by special I mean it looks like a little boy took his sister’s Barbie and built this weird contraption around it out of K’nex. I understand it is supposed to be architectural, but you can’t sit down in it.


Comme de Garcons: I had to include another of these designs… because this dress is a luffa. You know that pink puff ball you have hanging on your shower wall that you bought to “exfoliate” with and you’ve used twice. This is it, but in dress form. One may ask when you wear this dress. The answer is: You Dont.


Givenchy: I like the dresses (kind of) but my big question is, do the glitter masks come with it? Is it a package deal? Because I want to be able to look like a Liberace Phantom of the Opera whenever I want to.


Louis Vuitton: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Cher has already coined this look. But the thing is, she’s Cher and it was the Oscars. Why would you need a bedazzled Carnival headdress in your closet? I guess the better question is why wouldn’t you?

A model presents a creation for Louis Vu…gm