Why, Millenials? Why?

I am a millenial. Or at least that is the new term used to describe people of my generation (I always thought I was a Gen Y person, but whatever…). That being said, there are some things about my generation that I simply don’t understand. Now I would never classify myself as an “old soul” per say. In fact I think that I am quite savvy when it comes to current trends and all that stuff. Reading that sentence again, I realize I kind of sound like a mom who is trying to explain to her kids that she is hip and cool with the kids these days. Regardless of the phrasing or the tone, I just don’t get some stuff that my peers do, and I will outline these weird things below.


1… Nail Art. I know. I’m a male so instantly my opinion about acrylic nails is almost entirely invalid. However I don’t understand why people feel the need to walk around with 10 tiny MoMa sculptures on their hands. It doesn’t make you artsy or self-expressive. Rather it just makes everyone around you question how you type on a keyboard or open a Coke can.


2…Bedazzled Phone Cases. Along the same line of overdone artistry, I don’t see why these incredibly ornate and extravagant phone cases are en vogue. While I personally have a black Otterbox (partially out of necessity, as I’m accident-prone, and partially due to the extreme lack of case options for my phone, I fully understand the need to express oneself via phone case. But again, a MoMa sculpture is not needed. If your phone case cannot slide into your pocket with ease or sit flat on a countertop, something needs to change.

3…Paying For Apps. I enjoy Candy Crush. In fact, I play Candy Crush quite frequently. It is a great distraction while on the subway and is rather addictive. However I have not spent money on it. However the other day I read an article about people who are spending thousands on this app. No. Just no. You don’t need to spend bazillions of dollars to constantly play games, download music, have an animated background, and draw a comic strip on your phone. It is a phone after all.

4…Referencing Social Media as Communication. If you were on Facebook chatting with your friends last night you weren’t hanging out with them. To hang out with people you must occupy the same physical area around them. I guess an exception can be made for Google Hangouts, but that is only because it would be nice for Google to sponsor or endorse me.

5…”Knowing” Artists. Jimmy Kimmel did an amazing prank a few weeks ago where he asked New York Fashion Week attendees about their thoughts on designers that he made up. It is hysterical how they loved “the silhouettes” or the “groundbreaking fashion” these made-up designers created. It’s the same thing when you ask someone if they’ve heard of some band or some other artist. Why can people not be ok with not knowing something? Just because you haven’t heard of some obscure artist I like doesn’t make you the anti-Christ.

Honorable Mention…Books and Movies are Different. I was in Barnes & Noble recently and was browsing the area they have where you can ‘Make Your Own Library’ (which is more or less the area for college grad who feel like they need books to make themselves look more worldly). While there I picked up a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s work. The girl next to me said, “OMG I love The Great Gatsby.” I responded saying that I don’t actually like it as much as some of his other works. Her response was “oh, I’ve never read it but the movie was great.” Seeing the movie is not the same as reading a book. If you need further proof of this please consult “Easy A”. Emma Stone puts this much more eloquently than I can.