Put Down the Prescription: iPad Musings

“Anti-psychotic medications should not be the first treatment doctors or patients think of when dealing with dementia in an elderly person, behavior problems in a child or insomnia in an adult, a leading group of psychiatrists says in a new statement.”


This was the first sentence of an article that I found on USA Today’s website. Read it again and see if it makes you giggle. It definitely made me giggle. Do you know why? Because it is one of the most obviously “DUH” statements ever. I was in an audition holding room the other day and was doing the casual “sit-back-with-headphones-on-and-scan-around-the-room” thing. I noticed the guy next to me was taking out bottle after bottle of pills from his bag. Because we had already exchanged some uncomfortable dialogue earlier, I figured it was appropriate for me to ask him what they were for. He then proceeded to give me a “War and Peace” length list of what he was taking and what it was for. I made some casual quip (as you do) about how I can’t even get my doctor to prescribe cold medicine. He said, with a completely straight face, “I just go to a different doctor until they say yes”.

I was a tiny bit appalled. It is astounding the readiness that people take pills these days. I also just shuddered a little because I sounded like my parents. I’m not saying that there aren’t people out there who truly need medication. I also am not saying that people should just drink slippery elm bark (because I drink Throat Coat a lot and it tastes like what I imagine the liquid in a Stanley Steamer tastes like). But shouldn’t people be a bit more cautious with what they’re taking? Shy of living in some Elysium society where all of our problems get zapped away (I haven’t actually seen that movie yet, but I saw the cancer-eliminator ray in the preview) let’s see if we can limit the number of orange bottles by our sinks people.

And because this was far more serious than I anticipated any of my blog posts to be, enjoy this funny clip from Will & Grace that just drives my point home… or something like that.