The Internet Made Me Cry

So this is the obligatory blog post that’s emotional and sappy. But it is truly the most beautiful thing ever. The internet is great for a lot of things. It has brought us the Cinnamon Challenge (remember when that was a thing), the Sail Cat, and countless “How To” videos (thanks Tyler Oakley). But then there are moments when the YouTube gives some really intense content that actually makes you feel things. This happened this week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with online vernacular there are these mystical people who call themselves “vloggers”. It’s pretty much a legitimate career now. Then there is an even more fantastical breed of people who are daily vloggers. They literally film their lives every day. Now I don’t think I would ever be able to find enough interesting content to make people care about my daily life, but somehow these people do.

The true reason for posting this is CTFxC. They are a vlogging couple who hold the Guinness Record for most consecutive personal vlogs on YouTube. He’s also the bassist from We the Kings (the folks who sang “Check Yes Juliet”… which was totally my jam back in high school). Well the Sparknotes version of the story is that Charles (the dude) has had a lot of brain seizures and is having lots of brain surgery… AND HE IS FILMING IT ON HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL. It is the most amazing combination of heart-wrenching and absolutely beautiful. It was watching their channel that truly made me realize how incredible social media has become. For every million of stupid viral videos of people drinking gallons of milk or twerking against walls, there are beautiful videos about people who love each other. Also it is amazing that these people have been able to connect with an audience via social media to the point that people are supporting them. I cried. I openly cried watching this video. I’m going to post it below simply because people need to see how powerful the Internet can be when used properly. Grab the tissues and click play.