Please Fund My Life

The past few years have introduced us to such wonderful sites as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. For those of you who aren’t aware of them, which means you probably don’t have 20-something year old, artist friends, these are sites where people can donate money toward a particular person’s project in exchange for some form of reward. Basically it takes a lot of the work out of finding a producer for your project and “involves the fans” in some creative way. This is not to discredit the benefits of these sites. I have given my fair share of money to people’s Kickstarter’s (and now I have a few free CDs and a milkshake named after me at a Milkshake food truck in Nashville). But these are now reaching a hysterically tacky level. However the milkshake one was awesome (shout-out to Moovers and Shakers).

The other day I was on Kickstarter, browsing projects, as one does when they are very bored, and I came across an interesting situation. I won’t share the name because that would be awkward, but they were asking for an obscene amount of money… for a written thank you from the producer. You read that correctly. For the smallest donation of $50 dollars you can get a thank you note. You know what else you can get for $50? A heck of a lot more than a thank you note. The thing is, it wasn’t some cheap project. It was several thousand dollars that they had to raise, and they think they are going to get there with thank you notes? If I am going to give you $50 I would like to be able to name a track, or at least get my name in the liner notes… something that can end up on my LinkedIn page.


The other preposterous fundraising site story comes from Gawker (you can read it here). This is one of those horrid stories that you read where you hope it is satirical but it is actually true. Long story short, this long-distance gay couple is having to get married in South Africa because it isn’t legal in either of their home locations. However because they want to have 4 different ceremonies in various locations AND COUNTRIES, they are having trouble funding everything. Yes, you did read that correctly. They are having 4 gatherings. So because of the extensive cost they are asking for people to donate to their donation page to help fly their parents to South Africa for the wedding. There’s not much more of a punch line I can create. It’s just a bunch of shenanigans. What happened to just buying them a toaster or a large serving plate that they will never use? I feel a lot more comfortable spending $50 dollars on that… for that matter, I would feel more comfortable spending it in return for the thank you card. If it can’t be scanned with the wedding registry gun at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I’m not paying for it.